Twitter in the Class



After taking part in a recent PLP webinar, it became clear that while many educators are comfortable with using Twitter to form their Personal Learning Network (PLN) and engage in learning, many were still wondering how best to use Twitter as a classroom teacher.

Here are just a few ways to use Twitter in the classroom:

  • In social Studies and History, visit, then have your students do the same with historical figures and events you are studying
  • Tweet a link to your monthly Newsletter
  • Have students live tweet their impressions of the novel they are reading
  • Have students tweet as if they were the character of a book they are reading
    • They can also engage other “characters” in conversation on twitter
    • Students can add to the story by filling in “unknown” times and information
    • Students can choose a minor character and give them more substance through writing their own fictional tweets
  • Set up a Twitter account for a topic or enduring understanding, and have students Tweet to it
  • Tweet links to homework docs
  • Increase family engagement by letting Parents follow your class account
    • you can tweet word wall words, reminders such as deadlines and school events, homework help, what you are learning in math, etc…
  • Very Short Stories! (1 tweet long, or more – you decide)  See examples at:,,,
  • Use to get autentic data for graphing and data management
  • Working with words:
    • Tweet out a word and have students reply with synonyms, homonyms, antonyms, using the word in a proper sentence
    • Tweet out a long word and have students reply with words they can make using the letters in your word
  • Have the students use a classroom Twitter account or a #hashtag to Crowdsource notes and thoughts
  • Share links to relevant videos
  • Use the classroom account to communicate with experts in the fields you are studying
    • many are quite willing to engage in conversations with classrooms
  • Use the classroom account to communicate with the author of a book you are reading as a class
  • Have students tweet their thoughts on a subject to the class account to get instant formative assessment to guide instruction

OK, your turn!  Please share some other ways to use Twitter in the classroom!


About mitchchampagne

I am a husband of one, and a father of three. I am am elementary teacher for the Peterborough, Victoria, Northumberland & Clarington Catholic District School Board and a part-time Faculty member at the School of Education and Professional Learning, Trent University.
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2 Responses to Twitter in the Class

  1. Great blog Mitch… hosted an event on Saturday that we used tweetbeam… some teachers are daunted by the backchannel notion as it can be text intensive, and somewhat distracting… This one is neat as it only highlights one tweet at a time (vs. a twitterfall scrolling experience) and was really neat as when photos were shared they came across in a VERY neat fashion (Vs. being just a link). Less distracting, more “metro” like in experience etc…

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