Creating Student Accounts with Gmail.


If you have not yet checked out, now is the time.  This post comes with lots of thanks to the Gmail Tips and Tricks section of the Google Apps Documentation and Support Page!

This is a simple solution to a problem that plagues teachers as they attempt to meaningfully integrate technology in (and out) of their classrooms.

Most Web 2.0 tools require users to have an email address to create an account.   Many students, especially younger ones, do not have their own email account.  This makes it a quite difficult for teachers to use may great tools with their students.

Follow these steps to get around this problem:

Step One: Create  a classroom Gmail account such as

Step Two: Visit the site of the Web 2.0 Tool you plan to use with your students.  Start signing up for accounts using your classroom Gmail account but add a + sign plus a number or word to represent each student or group.  For example:,,, etc…

Step Three: Create a spreadsheet to keep track of each student and their associated email account, Web Tool account, and password.

Step Four: Many Web 2.0 Tools require you to confirm that you are the owner of the email, so check the classroom email account and confirm all accounts as necessary.

This trick works for most, but not all, Web 2.0 Tools.  Have fun!


About mitchchampagne

I am a husband of one, and a father of three. I am am elementary teacher for the Peterborough, Victoria, Northumberland & Clarington Catholic District School Board and a part-time Faculty member at the School of Education and Professional Learning, Trent University.
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2 Responses to Creating Student Accounts with Gmail.

  1. cafecasey says:

    That’s an awesome idea. I’m trying to figure out how to use my gmail to go paperless at the high school level–if they send me stuff, I’ll be swamped. I need to file, subfile, figure out alerts, checking…I can see this getting tricky.

    • Thanks for the comment! Have the students create Google accounts and then use Drive for passing out tasks, student task creation, peer feedback,submitting work, and feedback back to the students. If you have any questions about doing this, just ask!

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